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Podcast: Behind-the-Case of "AI vs. Street Fighter II, Is GPT 3.5 Really Better Than 4.0?"

AFLCafé Sep 11, 2023
「AFLCafe | AFL 咖啡」是 AFL 的官方社区频道。我们鼓励 AI 开发者进行更多线下聚会和深度沟通,因为这才是我们人类,人工智能的主人,应有的学习和驾驭科技的姿势。

AFLCafe is the community channel of AI Futures Lab. We encourage AI builders do more in person meetups and in-depth conversations. Because this is how WE, human master of AI, shall most effectively learn and master technologies.

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Who & When

Show Notes

  1. Introducing AFL and the 1st test case
  2. Introducing guests, Artem and Ron
  3. About the 1st case study, behind the scene story
  4. "AI vs. Street Fighter II, Is GPT 3.5 Really Better Than 4.0?"
  5. Questions we asked initially
  6. What we ended up in actual testing
  7. What are missing or we should have talked more about on the reporting
  8. What's next with AFL and the RBP - Researcher Bounty Program?
  9. What is AFLCafe? What we can do with it?
  10. Weekly event for driving conversation and collaboration among all people involved in AFL larger communities
  11. A build-in-public sessions for AI builders and researchers
  12. What to expect next regarding AFL's operation model
  13. Wrapping up


Chance Jiang

Editor and Director of AI Futures Lab