Phillip Wu, Director

A serial entrepreneur with an insatiable drive for innovation, Phillip Wu is at the helm of Futures Lab, steering it toward uncharted territories of technological advancement. Phillip’s entrepreneurial journey began in the Greater Bay Area, where he founded the software company, InfoThinker. Under his leadership, the company ventured into an array of software development projects, spanning AR/VR products, intelligent transportation systems, payment infrastructures, Web3 and blockchain solutions, instant messaging tools, and platforms for social networking and gaming.

Phillip's academic pursuits took him to the University of Southern California, where he earned his Master's degree. During this tenure, he was associated with the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), diving deep into the fascinating confluence of artificial intelligence and music, specifically focusing on pattern recognition within musical paradigms.

Today, while his interests are vast, Phillip's primary passion lies in the realms of AI applications and Web3. His vision, combined with his expansive expertise, positions Futures Lab as a trailblazer in the tech consultancy domain.

Chance Jiang, Deputy Director

Chance has been Product Director / Manager since 2009. He loves designing and building category-breaking products. His life-long passion is to improve human conditions with his designs. He's currently focused on dApp and blockchain solutions for brands.

Since 2010, Chance's been building IoT product and solutions leveraging social networks (WeChat, in particular). In 2012, he led product team building the 1st connected product, an instant photo printing kiosk, using only WeChat APIs. Scanning QR to access machine mediated service became a thing for the industries since then. In 2009, he built the 1st receipt printer with web API, opening a new receipt printer product category.

Chance's been active in China's startup and community. In 2012, he co-founded Startup Grind Guangzhou, the 1st city chapter of Startup Grind in China. Between 2004 and 2007, he was part of the founding team of IEEE-SMC Guangzhou Chapter, connecting local AI communities to the world.

Ryan Sy, Solution Consultant & Partner

Ryan is a management consulting professional who specializes in the finance and software industries. He heads Bull Run Consulting Co., a management consulting firm in Philippines. He's been working on a wide range of projects all over the world, helping blockchain and AI companies with financial management and business development.

He was finance consultant for Protocol Labs’ tech consulting partner, Factor 8 Solutions Pte Ltd, a Filecoin consulting firm in Singapore. He was both chief operating officer and chief financial officer of MergeCommit, Inc., a software development company in the Philippines that specialized in the development and operation of cryptocurrency exchanges. He was also business development manager for a venture capital firm, Y Investments Philippines.

Ryan is adept in financial planning and analysis, enterprise valuations, financial modeling, and deal originations, particularly for web3 and AI-focused companies. He earned his business management degree in De La Salle University Manila.