Natalie's AI Builder Journey and Project(s)

AFLCafé Oct 24, 2023
AFLCafé is the community channel of Futures Lab. We host live-streaming, meetups and share our conversations with AI builders as podcasts. We're currently hosting in-person meetup in partnership with OffChain AI communities.


We sit down with Natalie from Russian to talk about her journey as AI builder and her current project(s) of interest. As OffChain AI Guangzhou chapter hosts, Artem and Chance are using AFLCafé to engage and connect AI builders around the Greater Bay Area of China.

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AFLCafé Panel

  • Guest: Natalie, AI builder with software dev background
  • Host: Artem, Ex-CTO, Xena Network / Deputy Director, OffChain AI Guangzhou
  • Co-Host: Chance Jiang, OffChain AI Guangzhou
  • Time of Recording: Oct 24, 2023
  • Venue sponsored by Highland Interior Architecture (hia) Studio / 高地设计


  • Guests and host self-introduction
  • How and why this idea started including some inspirational examples and build in public program: a 6-week experiment.
  • Creating a character and a story with AI and why it's essential to have a vision
  • Animation with AI: Talking vs. moving
  • Tooling, Stable diffusion, etc.
  • Advice for others interested in similar projects
The speaker speaks in the language of its title. 分享嘉宾将用标题所用的语言来分享。

Show Notes



Chance Jiang

Editor and Director of AI Futures Lab